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Value and Identity with Arne Brasseur

Have you ever seen the terms “value” and “identity” thrown around and felt like you sort of get it? Join guest chef Arne Brasseur for a deep dive into exactly what these terms mean, and why they matter.

Video transcript & code

Two terms we've thrown around a lot in passing on this show are "value" and "identity". Today we're going to zero in on what, exactly, these terms mean in the context of Ruby.

In order to help us, today we're joined by guest chef Arne Brasseur.  Arne has done a lot of work in the Ruby community, but these days he focuses on the Clojure language. With his experience straddling both of these two lisp-inspired but very different languages, I think Arne brings a great perspective to this topic.

And if you think, "wow, he's really good at this screencasting stuff", that's because Arne has his own screencast series on Clojure, which you can find at


Episode #484: Dup and Clone

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