Today we explore a pattern for bridging the gap between different domain models.


Today we follow up on the last episode to talk about YAML::Store. It's like PStore, only with YAML!


In today's episode we take a look at PStore, a simple but capable persistence mechanism that ships with Ruby.

Thread Local Variable

Today's episode introduces the concept of thread-local variables, and shows how they can be put to use in an ActiveRecord-like library.

Reduce Redux

Today we revisit the Enumerable#reduce method, addressing some viewer feedback about seed values as well as exploring a novel application of reduce fo…

Array Set Operations

Sometimes we'd like to treat Ruby arrays like sets, in which each item is unique. Today's dish shows how!

Constant Lookup Scope

This episode takes a look at some potentially surprising rules for how Ruby looks up constants. Notes: "Everything you ever wanted to know about cons…

Lockstep Testing

In this episode we'll explore a novel technique for testing multithreaded code. The lockstep library can be found here:…

Matching Digits

Today's episode delves into some advanced regular expression features, including "lookahead" and "lookbehind". Notes for further exploration: The boo…