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02 Better documentation through better error messages

Topics in this session include:

  • People don’t delete tests often enough
  • Error numerology
  • byebug vs. pry for debugging; pry-byebug integration
  • Using telnet to find out if a port is accepting connections
  • print debugging vs. a “real” debugger
  • Explaining “watches” in debuggers
  • Why Avdi uses IDEs for debugging
  • Tracking the missing port to mailcatcher
  • Two-screen pair programming setup
  • git patch
  • The pleasures of GNU Nano
  • Mailcatcher API
  • RSpec helpers for testing email sending
  • Fake services vs. stubbed-out APIs: Testing that a real thing happened vs. testing that it would have happened
  • Improving error messages as a way to improve documentation
  • Starting from the API we would want
  • Using a sand-timer emoji instead of a period to indicate waiting