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01 Introducing the application

In this beginning episode, Betsy introduces the application we’ll be working on. We hit our first unexpected test failure, and launch into a series of digressions. This is a getting-to-know you episode for both the application being developed and the pair of programmers doing the development. It’s an illustration of the normal “pair gelling period” that often occurs at the start of pair programming.

Topics covered:

  • What is this app?
  • Remote pairing setup
  • Re-running a single test using RSpec/Cucumber by copy/pasting output
  • Test speed is how many thoughts you can have per day
  • Techniques for avoiding distraction during test runs
  • Programatically enforceable notes
  • Programmer brain types
  • The “correct” code for a team changes when the composition of the team changes
  • Alternate representations of code
  • Functional programming in Ruby
  • “Sin boldly”
  • Why we build abstractions
  • Origami: Creasing the code where it needs to flex